Could 10 minutes a day change your life?

Most of us have Busy, frantic, chaotic minds, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we want to. By the time we have completed our daily chores, we just wanna colllaspe from exhaustion and watch tv or sleep…

When did you last take ten minutes to do nothing? I mean really nothing? Not watching TV, not sleeping, not day dreaming, No email, no calls, no chatting, no chores, no planning, no worrying etc absolutely nothing just nothing. Sitting still and focusing just on breathing?

Unless you regularly meditate or into yoga or mindfulness or something similar, the answer is most probably not very often.

Our most precious asset is our minds, yet we don’t normally take any time out to nurture it, we spend more time looking after our cars, our pets, our children, our work, what clothes to wear etc more time worrying about past or possible future events as opposed to living in each present moment.

More time on autopilot.

The result of this is stress, we get caught up on an automated rollercoaster of life and consider this to be normal, just the way life is.

How can we slow down the pace of life and still have enough hours in the day to do the things we want to do, yet enjoy life fully?

One way is meditation.

To learn to train your mind to think differently, to stand back from your thoughts by focusing on the breath and becoming more detached, rather than caught up in them. After all, we are worrying mostly about things that you can do nothing about or that may never happen. Almost 50% of our average day is caught up in distracted thoughts! (47% according to a recent Harvard study) Imagine if you could just gain back some of that in as little as ten minutes practice a day…

How can you learn how to stay more present and be more mindful in our day to day life? How can we step back and witness our thoughts without judgement?

Remember you are not your thoughts!

Gaining a balance of focused relaxation, without too many distractions? Letting go of ingrained patterns of thought associated with certain situations.

Daily meditation offers an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, we cannot change situations but we can change the way we feel and respond to them.

Stepping back enables us to do this, ten minutes a day will have a massive impact over time.

Ten minutes a day will in fact give you back far more time in return, nearly 50 % is wasted anyway on distracted thinking. Imagine reclaiming just a small amount of that?

Ten minutes a day to gain a sense of focus calm and clarity in your life, a breathing space in which to obtain inner peace

What have you got to lose?

11 years ago I was such a mess upstairs, frantically running my life on autopilot, an emotional rollercoaster, that when I became pregnant whilst moving House and going through some personal family stresses with my twin sister, (who we sadly lost) my mind eventually quit. I had a complete psychosis breakdown and ended up in hospital and on the mental health register for a year. I learned the hard way how important it is to slow down and take time to stand back from your thoughts and life.

My intention is to save anyone else from the same fate or worse, I was one of the lucky ones, a survivor. My purpose I believe is to help others find this path.

Here’s a short poem I wrote this morning to summarise this, I hope you enjoy it! If so feel free to let me know or share with others. Mindfulness and meditation has literally changed my life for the better.

~Ten minutes a day~

Ten minutes a day she must be joking
I’m stressed to the eyeballs physically choking…
The kids are moaning, washings piled high,
I can’t take any more, I’m not gonna lie.

Ten minutes a day she said it will take,
Start now, breath deep, give myself a break.
Ten minutes a day breathing, in breathing out,
‘But I’m way to busy!’ I just wanna shout!!!

Ten minutes a day, I’ve got to find time,
But Isn’t it weirdos that just chant and chime..?
Ten minutes a day well, I’m already wasting that many,
Sitting here worrying, my stress aplenty.

Ten minutes a day who’s gonna answer my phone?
Time just for me all quiet and alone…
Ten minutes, now just let me think,
Stand back from my thoughts, try not to sink

Ten minutes, I just breathe and focus,
A kindly warm breath, not here to provoke us
Start Watching my thoughts, not judging just kind,
Claiming my awareness, standing back from my mind…

Ten minutes to start is tough & frustrating!
I’m distracted, I’m bored not used to the waiting.
I’m going to stick with it, not gonna quit,
It’s gotta get better, if only a bit…

Ten minutes a day, a new morning routine.
I now enjoy this moment, even replace the caffeine..
My new secret pleasure, just waiting for me.
A less stressed peaceful person you can now see.

Ten minutes a day, I’m so glad that I looked,
Peace came into my life and I’m completely hooked.
Whatever life throws I’m no longer just thought,
Not continually stressed, worn out & distraught.

I respond, I’m aware & make better choices,
Stand back from the crowd not caught up in voices.
Time has slowed down, the small things I now
Ten minutes of present a true gift to me.❤️

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire Hartman (Positiveminds Coaching)

What is Mindfulness Meditation

The Human Brain

What are Afformations

We have evolved as a human race so much that we spend most of our time in our heads, either solving problems that have not yet occurred in the future, causing us anxiety, stress and possible panic or stuck in the past worrying about previous actions that we have taken in error, making us feel sad, guilty or downright depressed… or both!

How can we overcome this? and stay present in the moment, in the zone, flowing with the joys of life? not a care in the world and at peace with ourselves and everyone around us? Ok, I know that may be a tad idealistic, however, it is possible! maybe not all of the time, but imagine, if you were able to retrain your brain to get back to that peaceful place, even if just for a few moments each day…

Mindfulness derives from the practice of meditation, meditation is a tool to mindfulness, to enable you to effectively retrain your brain, by focusing on the breathe and staying more in the present moment. To finally tame that monkey mind! yay!

Research over the years has proved that mindfulness meditation can effectively reduce stress, help anxiety and depression, reduce pain from secondary suffering,improve focus and concentration and improve energy levels, improve your relationships, unleash the creative mind and potentially may even help you live a longer happier life! pretty cool eh?

Here’s a quick video I did this morning on the topic…

But how do you meditate?

It’s pretty simple and it doesn’t cost a penny, except your daily time and commitment. there is really nothing to it except breathing! The problem comes when people expect too much from meditation and then get frustrated and possibly more stressed as they think they cannot do it properly. There is no such thing as meditating properly. There is no such thing as completely clearing your mind a blank mind with no thoughts whatsoever, you may eventually get to this lovely blissful state, however, this may take years of daily practice and may only last a few minutes at a time. Chances are you will have a tonne of thoughts floating around, in fact up to 70 thousand a day, of which up to 80% may be negative! so, before I share 3 simple steps to mindful meditation, lower your initial expectations and be kind to yourself. After all one of the key concepts of being mindful is not to judge and that starts with you 😉

You can meditate for literally a couple of minutes a day to see a big difference if consistent, or you can use a guided meditation on a app, I love calm, (great for beginners)
headspace another good app to start with or insight timer a tonne of free timed meditations for when you have the hang of the basics. Aim to increase your practice up to ten minutes twice a day to see the real benefits.

Step 1

Get comfy – this is important, if you are full of excess fidgety energy try running up and down on the spot, it may just hep you relax into things more easily. You can choose to lie down under a blanket or your quilt with a comfy pillow, or sit up on your favourite chair or stand, whatever feels best. shake it out and get comfy and warm.

Step 2

close your eyes, you don’t have to, however, I find it helps and increases the intensity of the experience.

Step 3

Concentrate on the breath, your mind WILL wander this is normal! theres a lot of stuff going on up there, you WILL get distracted this is normal too! the main point is to aim to recognise and be aware of this happening and get back to the breath. You may have to do this many many times to start this is normal 😉 we are aiming to retrain our mind to focus on the breath and become more detached from our thoughts, to watch them, be aware of them and not to become attached or judge them. You are not your thoughts ok.


The more you practice the easier it will get…consistency is key, 3 minutes a day is far better than one 20 minute session a week. The good ole compound effect applies again 😉 some days you may think YAY I’ve cracked it! and then the next day it’s awful, thats normal too, each day will be different, your mind will most likely always wander, practice will enable you to accept this and to refocus and get back to the breath quicker. Every time you realise you have wandered you are having mindful magic moment, so congratulate yourself.

What difference will it make to your life?

By becoming more mindful and in the present moment, you will feel like you have more hours in the day, as less time is spent running around on autopilot, overthinking, over analysing, over planning and over worrying about past or future situations. When you live more in the moment, there is simply less to stress about, of course life will throw stuff at you, some of it you will be able to respond to more calmly and effectively, some of it you may still find yourself reacting to on autopilot, however, if you practice mindful meditation regularly, you will become even more aware of your emotional state of mind, more aware of when you have gone into auto pilot reaction mode (which of course is essential at times!) and more able to get back to the present moment(inner peace) more quickly. Back into alignment.

By being present, you will notice the small things in life more, the little things, like the beauty of nature or birds singing, you will find your listening skills may improve which will have a massive positive effect on your relationships! Imagine being able to listen to your spouse or children more effectively, without thinking about one hundred other things that you feel you should be doing…

So, if your still reading this blog, why not start looking into introducing a daily mindful meditation into your daily routine today. Inner peace is just a breath away…

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coaching)

P.S my life hasn’t always been so mindful, take a read of my story of recovery from severe postnatal psychosis below.


New Year True you!

Wow! it’s been a while…

2017, was a journey of learning!

Lots of challenges along the way, lots of soul searching and practicing mindfulness. I’ve not posted here for a while, mostly because I have been focusing more on me 😉 Selfish some may say, however, essential to look after number one at times, in order to be able to fully give back to others from a place of authenticity.

Gotta put your own oxygen mask on first at times!

So, for the last 6 months or so, I’ve listened more to my inner self, trusted my instincts more and kept my circle fairly close. I’ve realised that despite initially wanting to move house to another part of the country and in effect run away from a few issues, that I’m pretty happy where I am and very grateful for what we have. I’ve distanced myself from situations and people that no longer align my own core values and focused on what brings me more joy, i.e mindfulness, yoga, living a healthy life and meditation or anything related to how we think, feel and respond. Emotional IQ and perspective are great topics of interest, in fact Mr H has got me into Anthony Peak after I brought him a load of books for Christmas and I’ve currently pinched ‘Opening the doors to perception…” fascinating stuff!

This brings me onto the True You, there are so many fake people out there, that from a very very early age lose touch with who they really are, what they really believe in and their own core values. They chase dreams (which is of course a good thing) however, along the way they end up chasing money and a lifestyle that doesn’t ultimately bring them true inner joy, peace and happiness. They follow people and are impressed by the ‘flash’ stuff yet alongside this they forget to dig deep into their inner core, their own belief system and what they know is right for them and their situation. Then they get frustrated as there own results don’t mirror that of the people they look up to and frustration, stress and a tonne of negative emotion kicks in as desperation takes over…

Sound familiar?

If so, keep reading, my aim is to help you unlock your true inner self in 2018, to find inner peace and happiness regardless of the outside stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the outside stuff is fab, I like nothing better than a couple of weeks on a beach sipping cocktails, however, unless you work on the inner you, none of this will really truly matter. You will always be seeking more and never feel true inner peace, a knowing deep down everything is great.

Below is a quick video I did last week, apologies its taken a wee while to upload, since the kids went back to School, I’ve only just got up straight! Please do subscribe to my new channel, if you would like to follow and gain some inspiration with regards to mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating and yoga! (the videos of me and hubby sped up are a must watch lol)
This year I will be fully qualified to teach meditation for Breathworks covering stress and health and running courses both online and off, perhaps even doing an online course for mindful movement… who knows where things will lead 😉

For now, that is all…
( My aim is to update this blog weekly)

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds coaching)

Motivation- Just do it!

Growth isn’t easy, success isn’t easy, you’ve gotta be prepared to fail in order to move forward.

If you never change anything about your current situation then you can guarantee nothing will change. So unless your 100% happy and have a solid back up plan in case of any unforeseen changes, then you’d better be prepared to take some action for change.

Why do people struggle to make changes?

Motivation is probably a big reason and fear of failure…

How on earth do you get motivated every day to change things when you can just about manage with what’s happening in your life right now?

You may be surrounded by others that are leading the life you want to live and getting the results you dream of getting, yet for some reason you cannot fathom out their magic formula to success???

How do they do it!!??!!

The answer isn’t a big secret as some people may lead you to believe…

There isn’t a one solution answer, no big secret, no hidden formula, no short cut. Just a repeated pattern of action and failure.

They simply just do it.

Taking small repeated steps forward that lead you towards where you ultimately what to be.

Acceptance before change.

Hold on a tic tho, some of you don’t actually know what you want? Some of you haven’t even accepted what you already have either.. ??

Step one before you take action to change anything is acceptance, taking full responsibility for things as they are now and being grateful for the good parts. There are always good parts in any given situation!

A great way to do this is by starting a gratitude journal, shift your mindset even a tiny bit on a daily basis and it will have a huge impact over time and will automatically become a positive habit. However, habits require repeated action. Start your day by writing a list of things your grateful for in your life now just as it is. You may find only 3 things to begin with, as time progresses and your mindset improves build the list up to 10 things daily that your grateful for. There’s always something, if your reading this now, you are alive and kicking, not being dead is a great reason to be grateful!

Another way to get motivated is to make time to reflect on what it is you actually want to change? This is an exercise I’ve done many times along my entrepreneurial journey. A written list you can make or if you are visual why not put together a vision board, they are loads of great apps online that you can download pictures from, (I use pic collage) maybe one for your health, one for your wealth and one for your family and house. Or you may like to cut out pictures from magazines, or simply prefer to write things down, what you want to change and the reasons why. Focus on different key areas in your life for a balanced approach to change. Remember, Life is more than just material wealth…



Another step towards change is awareness

I’m a big fan of meditation and the law of attraction, by practicing both daily and focusing more on the present moment rather than getting caught up in the past or overthinking my future, I’m far more aware of the choices I make daily. I’m also a calmer person overall and hopefully better to be around lol, an emotional rollercoaster can be draining company at times!

We all have choices, ones that help us move towards positive change and ones that set us back a few steps. If you can become more present by spending a few minutes daily focusing on your breath and being aware of your thoughts (not trying to control them at this stage) you become more aware of the present situation and run your life less on autopilot mode.

If you have no clue about meditation and are interested, I can highly recommend either looking into a six week course or downloading an app similar to Calm or headspace. It takes daily practice to make a difference so stick with it! Your not aiming to clear your mind, it’s more a bit of organisation and awareness.

How many times have you eaten something and afterwards hardly remember eating it? Or driven from A to B and thought crikey I don’t recall half of that journey??!!! This is autopilot. A learned pattern of behaviour that we repeat without thinking, great for some tasks but not so great for others! If we can slow down a bit and stand back from the day to day chaos of life, surprisingly enough you will find you have more time, then over time you may be able to recognise your thoughts and not get caught up in them, maybe even positively switch them up, spending more time in the present moment and making more informed positive choices.

If your thinking ‘there’s no way I can do that’ my mind is constantly in overdrive and my life is too busy… I know exactly how you feel. I was in the same shoes. Life just happened to me and I went along for the ride, a literal rollercoaster of work and stress, massive highs yes, I was a fun party girl, also massive lows, a bit of an emotional mess lol. The biggest low being 3 weeks after the birth of my son Bayley, almost 11 years ago now, where I crashed big time with severe post natal psychosis and ended up in a psychiatric ward.

This of course was an extreme case, a big wake up call that my life needed to change and that change had to come from me.

Thankfully, I recovered and through choice after 3 weeks, came off of medication. I found that if I trusted my instincts in being more aware of my thought patterns by practicing a form of meditation through deep breathing, I could slow down the crazy scary thoughts, the extreme anxiety and gradually focus on the more positive outcome.

I would face the fear, the scary thoughts and ask what’s the worse that could happen? How would I respond to this? What was the likelihood of it happening? Then after I had breathed my way through this scenario, I then gave all my attention to the good parts the best possible outcome. Not always easy I grant you, however, it was possible.

It took me just over a year to get signed off the mental health register. God knows how as I now realise this was pretty unusual, the only thing I can say is that I had a strong reason not to take medication after losing my twin sister to a mix of drugs & alcohol (prescribed and otherwise) and I had a strong reason why I had to recover for my son, something I had longed for with all my heart.

Medication has its place and is essential, I’m not suggesting anyone come off medication without seeking advice from a professional, however, I’m extremely passionate that you have to work on the grass roots of the problem alongside this, if you want to make a full recovery and improve your future self.

suggestions for improvement

1 Self talk
How do you speak to yourself daily? Become aware of this and if you can catch yourself speaking negatively, then consciously change it to a positive version! How you talk to yourself is crucial for making positive changes in life.

2 Stop comparing yourself to others
This is your journey nobody else’s but yours. If we constantly compare ourselves we either beat ourselves up if our results are not up to expectations or speak from the ego if we are smashing the so called competition. The only person ultimate to get better than is YOU.

3 Move beyond limiting beliefs
Anything is possible!! There are no limitations it all comes down to belief. Work on your mindset daily by listening to motivational audios. Aim to make yourself feel a bit better, even a tiny bit will gave an impact to your energy and vibration. Identify your limiting beliefs and then work on changing them. When I started out I had mixed views on money and wether I was worthy to be successful. I found reading books on this particular subject, then blogging or doing video helped me breakthrough limiting belief that stemmed as far back as my childhood.

4 Add value to others
Serve from the heart, simply switching from how can I help or empower or add value to others, rather than what’s in it for me, will in turn improve your own results. Trust this process. It’s everything and once you get this is simple to do.

5 Do the right thing!
Integrity is everything, I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction, some may believe in karma. Whatever you give out you will receive, always trust your instinct, if it feels right go for it, if not ask yourself why? You may have a temporary gain from your action, however, in the long run unethical behaviour will catch up with you!

6 Change daily habits
Small disciplines daily soon add up moving you towards success. A gratitude journal, daily meditation or listening to an inspirational audio will all move you towards positive change if and this is a biggie you are consistent!

7 Celebrate and share small victories!
However small it’s important to share and celebrate small successes! It not only encourages yourself, it encourages others, people love to follow a success story. Never think your tiny bit of success will not have a positive impact, it definitely will.

8 take responsibility for your life
In order to move forward and make positive changes it’s crucial to take full responsibility and let go of blame. Forgive anything from the past, it will only have a negative effect on your own personal future. We all make mistakes, you just need to let go and believe in yourself to get started.

In summary Motivation isn’t something that some people have and some do not. It’s something that takes time and practice to form new daily habits, however small to begin, if consistent they will add up over time and start to show positive results in your life.

So Just do it.

I hope you enjoyed my words today. What inspired me to write this blog? Well to be honest, I also needed a reminder to up my motivation game in a few areas, to ‘just do it!’ however, this also reminded me that it’s ok, it’s my journey not anyone else’s and I’ve come a very long way over the last 5/6 years or so!

Yes I may of neglected my blog a tad and not kept in regular contact with my list like I used to. However, I’m still moving forward and have ingrained through consistent action using the techniques above, many positive habits that have impacted my life in all areas.

Daily motivation or spiritual audios and meditation is top of my list, something I value dearly. Helping others that I’ve introduced into my online businesses, offering regular value to others via social media. Self talk, something I’m now automatically aware of and acting from integrity both valuable lessons I practice daily.

Last year saw some huge changes in my business and financial situation that are now thankfully heading towards the outcomewe desire. Lessons have been learnt, forgiveness practiced, & responsibility owned fully for the unexpected outcome. Ive undergone a whole lot of spiritual healing and focused on getting back on track through practicing taking daily action towards change.

Life will always challenge us, in order to grow and live our lives on purpose change is essential even when a tad painful.

If you are interested in how I’ve accomplished this, connect with me on Facebook I’d be happy to point you in the right direction to make positive changes to your life too.

Love x light x inspiration

Claire (Positiveminds Coach)


I haven’t updated my blog in a wee while for one reason or another. No real excuses, a few family distractions, house sale fell through, business collapsed and then Mum moved in with us lol. So,my main focus has been rebuilding business, which is thankfully going great, rebuilding my mind to cope with all the changes, which is going great 😉 Lots of personal development and meditation which helps loads and reselling our house and looking for a new one (I’m more relaxed about the process now and have every faith things will work out great!)

Anyway, I posted a couple of my old poems on Facebook and realised I hadn’t done one for ages or written a blog in ages. I don’t normally like to force things and often just write from inspiration. So, I thought let’s see what happens if I just do it, get started and see if I can get in flow or inspired..

Here’s what came out.


Where’s my mojo where has it gone?
I’m missing it’s excitement, the buzz and the song.
Can I retrieve it, bring it right back,
Get creative start enjoying the crack.

Where’s my mojo I don’t wanna force things,
Its my creator, my dreamer I love what it brings.
Can I just make it happen, by kicking its butt?
Feeding its juices, trusting my gut.

Action speak louder than anything spoken,
Put pen to paper, it’s not like I’m broken.
I know it’s within me, I have the power.
To inspire others, help them to flower.

So let’s quit the excuses and get back to work
Little and often no time to shirk.
It’s your purpose to serve, start lifting others
We are all one, just sisters and brothers.

Momentum will start when things start to flow,
So pick up that paper and give it a go.
Whatever it is that once lit your fire,
Go do that, with every ounce of desire

Motivation is great, an essential tool,
It’s free and available to one and all,
So trust that feeling deep in your heart,
Your time to shine, you’ve just gotta start…

Hope you enjoyed it and it inspires at least one person to take action and just do it today!

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coach)

P.S if you want to find out what business’s I’m now doing that have taken me back from zero to over £5k a month, or you want to find out more about mindset sand mindful meditation get in touch by email or Facebook

Posting in Facebook groups yes or no and why?

To summarise my video, I do feel posting in groups can be worthwhile, however a few pointers to consider…

1️⃣ what’s your intention? Are you doing this for you with a ‘me me me’ quick sale mentality? If so work on this mindset and make the shift to how can I help others from a place of service
2️⃣ are you offering value in your post or just spamming your link in copy n paste style? Videos or value driven posts will normally get a better response & success rate
3️⃣ are you reaching out and connecting with people? Building relationships and possible long term business associations.
4️⃣ are you using video or perhaps live videos to connect? Videos help people gain trust in you as a person not just another FB post.
5️⃣ are you authentic? Hyping up or untruthfully claiming results as yours from some guru is not going to help in the long run
6️⃣ are you consistent? Connecting and following up with people daily will over time bring positive results. Have faith and belief in what you are doing there really are no short cuts to success…

If this video and post helped you in any way, let me know or reach out to me for a chat. I’ve been online a wee while now and have had a fair amount of success (6 figures part time) alongside learning a few valuable lessons. I’ll be happy to share what’s working great for me on the path to financial freedom.

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (positiveminds coaching)
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Adding people to groups without permission, Yes or No?

I asked this controversial question this morning on my Facebook Timeline and got an overwhelming response that around 85% of us are strongly opposed to this practice…

heres a Facebook Live video I did on the subject shortly afterwards.

click the link above to watch FB Live video

This response did get me wondering, why is it we all get so cross or passionate about something that doesn’t fit into what we consider to be the right way to do things?

Who is to say that this is the right way anyway?

Merely because the majority of people prefer it that way? Is there really a right or wrong way of doing things, or is it more important how we feel about it? after all your not going to please all the people all the time…

My opinion, and it doesn’t necessarily mean its right lol, is that it’s best to trust your own instincts and go with what feels right to you, not always the same way the majority of people feel. I do not like to be added to groups randomly myself, therefore I don’t feel its right to do this to others. However, even if I stand by this and teach my way to others, I try not to get upset or effected when Im added to groups myself, its just a bit of a pain to keep removing myself lol.

Likewise, if you do feel its ok, and someone tells you otherwise, why get upset? be strong and stick to what you believe is the right way for you.

This could apply to anything in life, parenting, marketing or eating healthy.

There are soooooo many different ways to do things, it’s no wonder when we are starting something new we often get confused and rely on so called experts, even if in our heart of hearts, it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to us.

If what you are doing feels right, you are vibrating at one with the universe (hang in there if your not a spiritual type person) scientifically, we are energy, so how we feel, effects how we vibrate and the energy we give off, like attracts like.

If something feels wrong and you do it anyway, chances are the outcome will not be great, however, if it feels the right thing to you to do, the outcome will normally be more successful, our belief in our actions is key to the overall outcome.

So, next time someone says Zag and you wanna Zig, trust your own instincts, have a bit of faith in yourself and stick to what feels right and in line with your own core values. Expect that it may not be the same way for the majority and be ok with that.

Black, white, right, wrong, it’s all down to our perspective on life after all…

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coach)

P.S If you would like to be added to a really cool group I’m part of, that teaches  forex for beginners and experts alike, (using a swipe app to copy, paste & profit,) send me a message on FACEBOOK or drop me an email and I’ll add you with your permission 😉 alternatively, you can take a look at the results videos on this page first, then reach out to me.

How to make a comeback from adversity

Big hello Claire I’ve missed you!

Today’s video is about making a come back after adversity

Today I wanna share with you guys on some of my own personal experience in order to possible help you move forward with yours. You may be wondering, Why after months away from consistently posting videos am I back!!??

I was chatting to a guy yesterday, that had recently joined my business and that I’ve never connected with before. However he knew me from my previous facebook lives and videos. So this got me thinking should I bite the bullet and jump back into videos and in particular live videos. (Check my Facebook live I did today HERE)

So Here I am! Doing two videos and a blog today!

Yes it’s a tad nerve wracking, however, a lot of our nerves are merely excitement disguised. Why do videos? The main reason I started was to offer value to others, inspire people to make positive changes and to help people gain some trust in me as a real person, not just another face on the Internet.

So back to the topic for today, how to make a comeback after adversity.

This may apply to many of you, you may giving up working for a while and may now be looking to start again or you may of fallen off the wagon on your health campaign or been made redundant, suffered ill health, or like myself your main source of income may of suddenly stopped overnight and you may of suffered financially and emotionally.

The first thing to overcome is taking responsibility for the situation and losing the blame. Everything happens for a reason, life is in a constant state of transitional change, providing us with sometime painful lessons long the way! So if I’m honest, which I always aim to be, the main reason I’ve not jumped on live over the last 8 months or so, was because I wasn’t emotionally strong enough. I had a lot of personal healing to do and didn’t fancy being an emotional wreck live in the public eye.

If you follow my facebook timeline or are on my list or read my blog, you will of seen some of my journey, maybe not the parts where I’m crying on the phone to the tax man, however, I do like to share some of the mindfulness techniques I use that have helped me get back in the game.

Once you can take responsibility of the situation, you will start to move forward. Let’s face it no one forced you to join a certain business, or be in a certain relationship or stuff your face with high fat foods. Only you. Let go of the blameand the negative feelings associated with it and you WILL start to move forward. One step at a time.

For me, losing the blame was easy, despite some of the decisions I made, influenced & controlled to an extent by certain people. I ultimately made the decisions, no one else, me. I chose to no longer promote any other business, I chose to support the one company 100% despite, the sometimes appalling way I was treated personally. I chose to spend freely, to travel extensively and to live in a bubble like it would last forever…Yep, I made mistakes and I take full responsibility and blame no one else. I may choose now to dissociate with a number of people, however, I hold no grudge, hate or blame. Everyone is on their own path in life, we can only change the direction we are going and control our response to the outcomes we cannot change or control.

The second part is to look for the lesson, look for the good in the situation that has temporarily caused you to slide backwards. What can you learn from this? What can you be grateful for now in your life? Write yourself a daily gratitude journal. For me, I will never rely on one income stream again, focus is important yes, however, diversification is also important. The main issue online in particular, is shiny ball syndrome! There are so many opportunities that people literally flit from one to the other, before seeing any success. If you can focus fully on one opportunity for 90 days and start to get some solid results and apply the training provided or anything you’ve learned from your up line consistently, yep I said consistently, not once a week then not again for two weeks, consistently, even if you have 30 minutes a day, this will get results if it’s every day! Then and only then, look at adding another business. (Unless of course, you are choosing to be completely passive and not team build) There are no real short cuts, you won’t get rich, without some action, despite what some people promise, this is in business and health. Relationship wise, you may wanna try a different technique lol.

Thirdly and this is pretty darn important and has helped me move forward. Put YOU on the priority list. Get some support and ideas from a trusted source. Work on yourself daily, emotional mental health is vital in attracting success and making life a tad easier. Yes hard work beats slacking, action is important and I’m a big fan of taking action. However, I don’t buy Into the ‘grind’ ethos in life. Life is to short to be up til 4am surviving on 2 hours sleep, ignoring your loved ones and eating a poor diet. You may get results fast in your business, however, you can bet you last dollar other areas will slide. Balance is key, prioritise your day. Spend time making sure you do things you love and enjoy, this will raise your energy and vibration point and results will flow with less drama and stress. For me, my focus switched to my mindfulness work, I’m retaining as a breathworks coach and this alongside my daily meditation has been vital in my emotional healing journey.

If you feel particularly crap one day, look into the reasons why? Can you talk it through with a trusted friend or partner? Can you go for a walk in nature? Can you put on some uplifting music? Can you catch up on a much needed nap or read a book, listen to an audio? Do some meditation? Being aware of your emotional state of mind is important. We are energy magnets and if you feel crap you can be guaranteed your gonna attract some more people on the same crappy wavelength lol

De clutter, if you’ve had a knock back and want to make a comeback declutter your life. Have a good old fashioned declutter at home, get rid of old clothes, or material stuff you no longer use. Fen shui your house, and make your environment a pleasant one to be in. Declutter your friends online and off! Ok you may not be able to completely declutter some of them, especially close family, however, if they are not a good positive influence in your life right now and your struggling dealing with your own stuff, the last thing you need is theirs… Distance yourself for a bit, or limit the time you spend with them. The same goes for drama, real or otherwise, get rid of the news, the newspapers, the gossip mags and anything that may potentially drag you down. You are the priority right now and it’s important to be mindful of what you feed your mind, body and spirit if you want to make a comeback.

Lastly, build a consistent routine and take very small action steps to move forward daily, don’t worry what everyone else is doing or what results they are getting. This is about you, your life, your journey and as long as you keep moving forward consistently, however small or slow you will start to see improvements in all areas. Then boom, your start to gain momentum and strength and before you know you will be thanking your previous mistakes.

Life is not what happens to us it’s what we do with what happens to us

These are the main techniques I’ve used to help me move forward and I now feel like I’m on the other side of adversity, confident that I will comeback from this bigger, better, stronger & wiser. I had to take time out from my videos & live videos to recover, recoup and be able to come back stronger and happier than before. I now honestly feel relieved about what happened and like a big weight has been lifted, trust me I was being watched like a hawk, not the kind of freedom I strived for when starting my journey online.

So in summary, the first thing to do if you want to make a comeback is to take responsibility of the situation, lose the blame and then get some support from a trusted source, make you a priority. Be aware of your emotional state of mind. Self care is crucial in getting back on top. Declutter your life and surround yourself with the beautiful positive likeminded people in life, get rid of any outside or inside toxic influences in your life. Build a daily routine of healing and action and stick to it consistently, set yourself up to win, if you fall backwards one day, be kind to yourself and then get right back to it as soon as you can. Take each moment as it comes, live life fully now in the present and keep on smiling 😄😄😄

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coaching)


P.s if you are interested in what I’m up to business wise, feel free to reach out to me, either by email, facebook or send me a text. I may not answer a call, (unless prearranged) but I’ll always respond to a message 😘

Faith without fear

At times life can be challenging, overwhelming even and leave you wondering what’s it all about? What direction should you take,what decisions should you make? It may even seem scary that one simple decision you make today could literally reshape your future and the future of your family.

Our faith, is our belief, whatever that may be, that everything will work out fine, just as its meant to be, whatever we decide to do. Some may say belief without evidence, a deep knowing in your heart and soul.

The only real decisions we regret are the ones where we did not take any action to reshape or change our future in some way. Even if you have made decisions that ended up not going according to plan, there are some valuable lessons you can learn from them in order to propel you further forward.

I believe everything happens for a reason, it’s all down to the attitude you adopt following any failure or upheavals in life as to wether you will emerge victorious. Whatever you decided to do at the time, was the right decision for you. Take full responsibility and if it didn’t work out great, grow from it. The longer you harbour blame, hated, guilt or regret, the further you are from where you really want to be. You are only doing more damage to you!

It’s all an inside job, our thoughts generate our feelings, which in turn influence our actions. So, the sooner you recognise what’s going on upstairs the better. It may not be all good, which is perfectly ok, normal in fact. Without negative thoughts, there are no positive ones… It’s more of a case of being aware of them. Stopping, breathing and listening to them from time to time, imagine you are at your own private concert, watching the show, listening to the script in your mind from a safe distance, breathing in, breathing out and becoming more aware.

Yep we all have a voice in our heads, it’s normal, your not crazy lol and I should know I’ve been there got the t-shirt.

So, your listening to your negative mind concert and it’s kinda quite a show, don’t try to analyse it or change it even, just sit with it and watch and listen, keep breathing and don’t judge ant of it, just be aware. Keep breathing in and out, the aim is to become a watcher of your thoughts rather than an active participant, you want to learn to tame them and calm them rather than feed them. If you stop the fight and allow them, you may find them more willing to naturally calm down.

This practice will over time, enable you create a ‘gap’ a breathing space between thought, feeling and automatic reaction. It will help you to eventually respond to any person or situation ultimately out of your control. By gaining back some control over your thoughts, you will start to increase your faith in life and minimise your fear. It’s not gonna be instant and it’s not gonna work every time, however, if practiced regularly, it will certainly be a step in the right direction!

So is it possible to have faith without fear?

Yes and no, a certain amount of fear protects you and guides you, however when it starts to control your life, and overwhelm you, it’s important to find your faith and regain some control of your emotional monkey mind.

Keep the faith ❤️

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coaching )

Ten common misconceptions about Meditation

For those of you that follow my posts on facebook or my blog from time to time, you will know I’m a big fan of meditation. I discovered this practice a few years ago after having read in a book it can help give you more clarity and focus in life. At the time, my life was a bit chaotic to say the least, my mind was often running at one hundred miles an hour and more often than not my mouth and actions followed suit. I didn’t really take or make time to breathe, in fact I quite often used to hold my breath to concentrate on a task in hand. My life was pretty much running on autopilot, so if there was something that may help me become more grounded and in a way slow things up, I was up for giving it a go!

I started with a 6 week course in the local WI hut run by one of the school Mums to give me a point in the right direction and then used to sporadically go to local guided meditation sessions close by to where I lived. At the time they were not really my thing, so I decided to go it alone, discovering many apps online to support my practice. It was however, not very regular, until I discovered mindfulness about a year ago and then decided to retrain and gain my qualifications to teach.

Part of the pre requisite for the course is that your practice is regular in order to assist and guide others. So for the last 6 months I have been regularly practicing meditation at least once a day, sometimes up to three times a day. Trust me, once you start to see the benefits, it becomes an addictive and positive habit!

Today, in this blog, I want to hi-light a couple of common misconceptions surrounding meditation and hopefully help you gain a better understanding as to wether it would enhance or benefit your life in any way.

Misconception 1

Meditation is for religious weirdos…

Of course meditation has been around for donkeys years and it did originate from a religious background (a popular belief is that it stems from Buddhism) However, things have moved on a wee bit since then and literally anyone can practice regardless of their beliefs or non beliefs

Misconception 2

You have to do it cross legged in the lotus position

Another myth… meditation can be practiced anyway that suits you! sitting down on a chair, on the floor, laying down, standing up or even walking! Ideally your going to need some peace and quiet to start with, even die hard meditators struggle to meditate effectively in a room full of screaming kids! I can now on occasions meditate and have both kids come into the room then eventually leave when I haven’t responded. In the beginning this was tough tho and I often got frustrated, so don’t give up, its not called a practice for nothing…

Misconception 3

Making time to mediate is selfish

Meditating over time has so many positive benefits as a regular habit that lots of other areas and people in your life will actually benefit from you taking time out just for you. The better you feel, the nicer you are to others as a general rule!

Misconception 4

Meditating is burying your head in the sand from your problems

If you have been practicing meditation or mindfulness for a while, you will soon come to realise its the exact opposite of this. Meditation increases our awareness and clarity of our thoughts and enables us to stand back from them rather than becoming so emotionally involved, so we can look at the bigger picture with more clarity and focus and perhaps find an effective solution more quickly. It may even for this reason seem more painful to start, no hiding place, however, stick with it and you will see the benefits, especially if you then take action to improve things on the outside.

Misconception 5

Meditation is easy!

Not always the case… especially at first! like anything worth doing it takes time and practice, and like anything worth having the whole effort of doing it consistently is the main reason people quit and say I can’t meditate or it’s not for me or it dosen’t work. If you want to see the benefits over time, then you will ideally have to practice daily or at least a few minutes a day and build it up.

Misconception 6

You have to close your eyes to meditate


Misconception 7

You have to chant while meditating…


Misconception 8

You have to have a quiet mind to meditate

Again, no, having a quiet mind to meditate is a bit like saying you have to have to have a super fit body to go and do a workout at the gym! If your mind is crazy busy, it’s a great reason to start meditating!

Misconception 9

You need lots of time to meditate

Nope, as little as 3 minutes a day if consistent can have a positive effect on your health and well being. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that if I start my day with a meditation practice as I normally do, I actually gain time in the day! how? I’m more aware, more focused, more in the present moment and less likely to be running around like a headless chicken achieving next to nothing on auto pilot. Mostly because, Ive spent more time and unnecessary emotions overthinking stuff…

Misconception 10

Meditation is only for adults

My kids love meditation, especially my youngest Lily, the younger the better I say! My personal opinion is that it should be taught as part of the curriculum in schools. Part of my overall vision is to teach mindfulness and meditation to both postnatal parents and children, its something I’m very passionate about. After having postnatal psychosis myself, ten years ago, I know that if I had discovered mindfulness and meditation before, during and after my pregnancy, it may of helped me recover or possibly even prevented it, who really knows for sure…

Right now, I’m training to become a fully qualified mindfulness teacher through breathworks and working online to financially support this vision and dream of running future workshops and retreats. Running several passive business’s enables me the free time to focus on my dream and passion knowing that even if I’m not actually online, things are still working effectively without me.

If you would like information on how I’m doing this or more information on meditation or mindfulness, please do drop me a line at or message me directly on facebook.

Love x light x inspiration x

Claire (Positiveminds Coaching)