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Money and The Law of Attraction


One of the major reasons so many people worry about money of the lack of money is because the majority of people actually fear money…

Think about it, when you haven’t got it, you spend time worrying about what you are going to do without it? Or if you have some money, you may be sooooo careful, that you are scared to enjoy or spend it! then when you have a lot of money, you worry about losing it, or not bragging about it, not wishing to appear greedy or materialistic for fear of what others around you might think!

Crazy isn’t it how much time we actually think about money? If only we could flick the switch to attract more…

Our mindset surrounding money is the key to attracting more. Watch my video then read the rest of the blog for more on this fascinating subject.

It has an awful lot to do with our deep rooted blue print surrounding money, basically the thoughts and feelings about money we grew up with. Do any of the following ring a few bells?

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees!’
‘We can’t afford it…’
‘I’m not made of money you know!’

Every statement you heard growing up is fixed in your subconscious mind, your blue print that is literally running your financial mind and current financial situation…

Dig back further, get to the root of the problem, your parents, your grandparents etc, was money an issue? Did they work hard, did they save? Did money cause many arguments as you were growing up?

I know it did in my household. Both my Mum and Dad had complete opposite views on money, my Mum loved spending it, my Dad loved saving it. Then later on my Mum and my Step Dad split up when there seemingly abundant lifestyle came to an abrupt holt.

I know personally, after a few failed attempts to make money myself as a self employed budding entrepreneur, that in order to breakthrough and succeed, I hard to dig deep, face a few home truths and take ownership and responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and opinions on money. Literally face my limited beliefs on self worth and fear of being worthy to attract wealth head on.

I read, listened, blogged and videoed everything I learnt on this subject. I also realised, I could change my own blue print and upgrade my own financial status. I learnt that the more I gave in terms of love, time and value to others the more I would receive. I stretched myself to the point of feeling uncomfortable with my goals and intentions. I literally videoed them, put them out there to the universe and then went to work consistently on both myself and my business.

You can watch the video I did nearly 2.5 years ago below, declaring my intentions to the universe, or the garden at least lol, at the time, we were broke, bills bouncing left, right and centre. Even I was embarrassed by my intention, extremely uncomfortable and still worried what others may think or say. Even so, I faced my fear and went to work on my dreams daily.

Fast forward to today Jan 2016 and I’ve banked double this intention In one month…(results definitely not typical)

I took action, made a decision and little by little, step by step, things started to come together!

I attracted the right business and people by focusing on what I wanted to attract as opposed to what I felt was lacking.

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I learnt to practice gratitude for my current situation, writing things down in a daily journal and aiming to raise my awareness of my feelings by living in the now, rather than worrying about things that may not even happen! If my feelings turned to negativity or self doubt, I became aware of them and turned my self talk around, trusted my feelings to guide me along the way. I raised my energy and vibration and in turn my point of attraction by doing the things that made me feel good! Exercise, writing, listening to audios or music, eating, sleeping, or even a simple walk in nature can lift you enormously, and of course it’s free!

Have you any idea what your current blue print is?

Take a look at your current situation, it will speak volumes, it’s a reflection of your past thoughts and feelings. Then all you have to do is make a decision to dig deep and face those fears and take action for change…

Love x light x inspiration x

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Claire (Positiveminds)

P.S results vary dependant on actions, please read income disclosure, I’m hear to guide you all the way to the top. ❤️